Dr. Terri Dunn is a Medical Practitioner

Posted by Admin | June 26th, 2012

Dr. Terri Dunn is well accustomed to dealing with the various issues that affect the dermatology field. She is a medical practitioner in the field of dermatology who has an established practice servicing patients with real needs and wants. Her practice is based in California where she lives and where she was both born and raised.

Dr. Terri Dunn is not just a practicing dermatologist, she is a learned academic. She has published in textbooks and scholarly journals concerning issues facing the dermatological community. Dr. Dunn understands how important the field really is. Someone’s skin is the first thing you really see, so dermatology has taken on a huge importance.

Dr. Terri Dunn is a Licensed Dermatologist

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Dermatology isn’t a field of medicine you hear a lot about unless you have some sort of skin problem. Once you do, though, it’s hard to forget about dermatology. Individuals who have dermatological issues can tell you exactly how important it is—your skin is your largest and most visible organ after all.

Dr. Terri Dunn is a licensed dermatologist who practices in California. She was born and raised in California and then went to school at UCLA. She also did an internship at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles too. Dr. Dunn has a wealth of experience in the field and has even had writings published in textbooks and scholarly journals.

Dr Terri Dunn

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Dr. Terri Dunn Is Highly Educated

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Dr. Terri Dunn is a highly respected, board-certified, Dermatologist who works in California. She was born, raised, and received her medical education in California, starting with receiving her degree in medicine from the University of California at Los Angeles, which is probably best known as UCLA. Dr. Dunn also interned at the Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, which is one of the most well-known hospitals in the world because this is often where the celebrities and famous personalities come for treatment. Dr. Dunn did her internship in internal medicine there before doing her residency in Dermatology at John Hopkins University. She also did some special training in Kenya. As you can tell, Dr. Terri Dunn is highly educated, both in medicine generally and in the field of Dermatology specifically.

Dr. Terri Dunn works with a wide variety of patients with different skin colors, skin types, genders, and ages. She also specializes in a number of skin issues, including skin cancer, acne, skin discoloration, hair loss, rashes, and nail disorders.

Dr. Dunn also performed cosmetic dermatology procedures, like facial wrinkle fillers, laser treatments, chemical peels, brown spot removal, facial redness, individualized skin care systems, and Botox treatments. The job is rewarding for Dr. Terri Dunn because she considers it a life calling to help people to look and feel better.

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